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Thanks to Uskom’s powerful integration and manufacturing capabilities, Uskom provides a very wide range of system solutions with support of its COT manufacturing partners.

However, besides these solutions, when a client has a special request or a need may arise for a tailor made solution, Uskom as well designs, develops and manufactures hardware and software products.

Uskom has acquired over years a multidiscipline know-how allowing Uskom to meet specific client requests with tailor-made solutions developed in house. These solutions are not COT solutions and a development effort together with client is needed. Such tailor made solutions are not easily handled by individual system manufacturers or suppliers since the solution requires HW and SW expertise in a multidisciplinary environment, know-how, and dedication for this development effort.

Uskom confirms its stand and commitment to serve its clients with solutions where specific tailor made solutions are required.

Some of these specific products are herein described.

Special Products

Scada Systems
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