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Security Systems

Security Systems
Security Control Centers

Security systems control centers are increasingly popular since utilities have a more focused concern on security requirements, Threats to mission critical facilities are on the rise with terrorism concerns besides the historical conventional troubles. Our proposal includes a fully integrated system for security system componnets with high visibility with correleated approach. CCTV, intrusion detection, fira alarm, PA/GA systems are integrated around a PSIM and reflected on videowalls and individual screens in an integrated set-up.

Control Center.JPG
CCTV Surveillance Systems

Our CCTV solutions are for industrial facilities. The systems are designed with artificial intelligence and video analytics and range from a few camera based systems to a system covering thousands of cameras. The storage, high rliability switches, intelligent playback and integration with 3rd party systems over the VMS are key elements that complete our offer. Besides the regular high quality cameras, we propose as well ATEX certified cameras and thermal cameras which find use as well in process CCTV systems besides the regular survaillance.

Sample Metro Line Station Conceptual Con
PA/GA Systems for Industrial Facilities

Public address systems are for any public area that requires that an announcement sufficiently audible at a distance or over a large area. The application in industry, PA/GA, is a mission critical system for personnel safety and needs to be fully operational in the most difficult and harsh environments to safeguards lives. Our solution is a complete offering including redundant controllers, consoles,  multiple amplifiers and loudspeakers in a wide distribution area. Our field components range from regular loudspeakers to audible and visible beacons, ex-proof speakers.

Sample Metro Line Public Address System
Access Control Systems

For physical security of a plant or facility, the system provides control with a selective restriction of access. Access control system includes in principal mechanical lock and key, but for access control in the modern security industry, we mean sophisticated electronic turnstiles, gates, wireless locks and other barriers with flexible access rights. We propose biometric solutions authenticating identity through facial, fingerprint and iris recognition besides the regular card based system. The complete package is presented in a centralized manner for the facilities and integrated with other security systems in place.

Sample Metro Line Access Control System
Fire Alarm and Protection Systems

The fire alarm systems receive input from various types of detectors. Upon a fire or a probability of fire, provides the alarm with the place of the threat. We provide manual, semi and full automatic solutions for fire suppression depending on the event characterization. Our extinguishing system solutions include

Sprinkler, gas, high pressure water mist, water spray and foam systems all engineered per NFPA, VDS, BS and FM standards per client requirements. Our offering includes solutions starting with risk assesment to EPC implementation and certification.

Sample Fire Alarm  System Conceptual Dra
Intrusion Detection Systems

Our intrusion detection solution is targeted for industrial facilities. The solution includes integrated, high-security intrusion detection systems composed of CCTV sytems, fence/wall detection sensors, burried sensors, microwave and infrared sensors and radars. All is integtrated in a central detection system either in form of a PSIM or as an integration into a VMS or a standalone package. The integrated approach increase reliability and availability of the system and allows cross-check to avoid nuissance alarms.

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