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Meter Automation System

USKOM Omnimot : Meter Automation System

  • Built on the Industrial Computers and rBox 610 platforms

  • DIN-rail fanless embedded system

  • Suitable for communications control and for protocol converter applications in critical environments

    • Utility Industries (Water, Energy, Chemical Plant, Mining)

    • Public Transportation (Traffic, Highway Control, Train Control)

    • Homeland Security

  • Built for rugged work environments

  • Features

    • Wide temperature operation of -20℃ to +70℃

    • Supports 2 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernets with Magnetic Isolated Protection

    • 4 COM Ports support RS-232/422/485

    • Optional Wireless (3G/GPRS or Wifi)

    • Wide range 12–24V DC-in with terminal block

    • Din-rail mounting

    • CE and FCC tested

USKOM Omnimot-1.png
USKOM Omnimot-2.png
  • Uskom will provide pre-built standard reports out of the box, for example:

    • Current power reading per meter by station

    • Current energy counter per meter by station

    • Monthly Load profiles per meter by station with graph

    • Daily Load profiles per meter by station with graph

  • Uskom will also provide Intelligent reports such as:

    • Losses in interconnected feeders

    • Graphical Single Line Diagram Based reports

  • Reports can be viewed in a Web browser or designed for pixel-perfect printing

  • Custom reports and drill-down analysis

    • The provided tools allow the operator to create custom reports

    • And analyze the data by drilling down based on location and time period

USKOM Omnimot-3.png
USKOM Omnimot-4.png

USKOM Velmotix: Unified Control Center System

Uskom has acquired over years a multidiscipline know-how allowing Uskom to meet specific client requests with tailor-made solutions developed in house.

USKOM Velmotix PAS.png
Uskom Velmotix.png
USKOM Velmotix

USKOM Signaling System Interfaces

Fort PIS, PA and Radio Systems, it is required to provide an interface with signaling system in order to receive the data and utilize this real-time information to meet Metro Line Operational requirements.


Up to now, Uskom has already integrated its CRD, PA and PIS control centers with Siemens Vicos and Thales Signaling systems. Both of these systems are now in operation at Istanbul Metro Lines.


In addition, pre-engineering has already been performed with Bombardier Ebiscreen signaling system for a roll-out planned soon.


Attached slights indicate the solutions tailor made for the specific application.


Each line has a different signaling principal. Then, basing on the philosophy, central PIS, PA and CRD system SW are as well adopted to the new scenario.

USKOM Velmotix PAS.png
Signaling System

USKOM (OnBoard) Radio Equipment

Uskom has been asked to provide an on board radio equipment for a metro line. There has been 8 train sets and an additional 24 train sets.


Uskom has developed a train on board system tailor made to the requirements of client and integrated them to Hyundai Rotem and as well to Alstom Train sets.


With this succesfull implementation, Uskom continues to receive orders from its esteemed Clients. Needless to say, since each train or application is different, Uskom keeps on applying all new developments to tailor the needs.

  • Safe and reliable communications between train operators, control center, and the maintenance and operations personnel.

  • Modern, touch screen based interface

  • THT performs the below functions:

    • Voice communications between the Control center and the Operator

    • Group Call by the Operator

    • Text message transmission from the Control center to the Operator

    • Sending pre-recorded text messages from the Operator to the Control Center

    • Remote public announcement from the Control center

    • Delivery of emergency signal to the control center via Panic (Hidden) button

    • Ambient listening from the Control center

    • 1+1 Reliability (Fallback to backup Tetra transceiver in case of radio failure)

    • Degrade mode (voice only functionality) when the THT hardware fails but the radio is still operational (Degrade).

Operator display.png
Uskom OnBoard
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