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Uskom in Brief

Uskom Komunikasyon A.S. is a leading high-tech system integrator specialized in Telecom, SCADA Control systems, Control and Protection systems and Security technologies. Energy, Transportation, Oil and Gas, Water sectors are the main sectors where Uskom delivers its services.

Uskom, according to the report by the Turkey Exporters Assembly for the year 2016,  entered as 287th to Turkish 500 List of Companies for Service Exports, This position moved higher to 260th in year 2017. Uskom is the 4th largest service exporter in the field of Telecommunication.

In 2017, we achieved to increase our exports by 65% compared to 2016. In 2017, our exports increased by another 45%. Our growth is export-oriented and supported by adding new markets into our sales portfolio while strengthening existing ones.

Uskom's driving force is our human resources open to continuous improvement and our loyal employees who adhere to the company's principles. The company's financial infrastructure has paved the way for a larger number of projects over the years by continuously transferring our acquisitions to our business. Our company has 3A2 grade in Dun & Bradstreet 2017 report sealing our financially sound position within our operations.


Our company stands out with strong, stable, sustainable operation open to developments to keep up with latest technologies and serving the best of our client needs.

Today, we stand out as a unique Turkish company with full Turkish capital that has experience in turnkey National Load Dispatch and SCADA Centers in the world. In this field, as a Turkish company competing with many Internationally respected brands, we have gained a place in the world market. Being competitive in prices is important in all markets today. However, the trust provided by our technical solutions and experience prevents only price-based competition in sectors serving critical system infrastructures. In our National Load Dispatch and SCADA projects, our technical infrastructure and solutions have been the preferential factor for the awards we have got.

Uskom's growth strategy is to expand business activities by adding new fields to existing sectors and increasing business capacity by expanding to a wider geographic coverage.

By the beginning of 2020s, we are looking forward to take a share in the North American market with Uskom Corporation, which was established in Boston, USA with 100% Uskom capital. One of the main reasons we chose Boston is to serve strengthening our technological infrastructure with research and development activities in this city, which has the best universities in the world. In addition, we wish to add our name in North American infrastructure investments by using our knowledge and experience in our field.

So far, we have provided our services in 15 countries in the world. In these countries, our activities were carried out either through our EPC partners or representatives. In addition, we have 3 overseas companies operating under the name Uskom in USA, Afghanistan, Erbil (Iraq) and a coshared operation in Libya within our Usluel Group. Afghanistan and Erbil plays an important role in the follow-up of new projects in these territories in addition to supporting our existing projects. In USA, R & D and work is being carried out for new business opportunities in the Americas. Libya is one of our target countries which we would wish to serve and remain. We plan another overseas company in Liberia and it will look after our West African operations. This is planned to be operational by the 4th quarter of 2019.

In addition to our personnel in Turkey, we have 24 people who are currently employed in our overseas units. Besides a large base in Turkey, Uskom has also carried out projects in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Nigeria, Egypt, Haiti, Denmark, Turkmenistan, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and Liberia.

One of the major works of 2018 was the completion of North Iraq SCADA and Communication system.

Since 2017, we are working on expanding our Asian and African markets further. A new National Load Dispatch Center project in Africa is among our targets of 2019.

We wish to utilize our accumulated experience of Istanbul Metro Projects in the overseas markets. We are following some opportunities in India and North Africa.

Uskom has a scalable R&D department and till now this department has developed our own  Passenger Information Systems, On-Board Communication Equipments, Emergency Announcement System Control Centers and Wireless Radio Central Dispatcher systems used in Rail System projects. The software and hardware of these systems belong to Uskom and all of them are already operational in Istanbul Subways. These systems increase Uskom's strength in its fields of activity and at the same time enhance its integration and solution capabilities. In the field of Energy, Omnimot Meter Management and Central reporting system has also been developed and installed in Turkmenistan.

We assign 5% of our annual turnover for our R & D activities. Our objective in 2019 and beyond is to invest more in technology and to make marketing of our products more actively in abroad.

Our main principle is to takesteps for continuous improvements at every stage of the business process, foreseeing the sustainability of the business and to move to new areas without hesitation and with enthusiasm while keeping customer and employee satisfaction at the forefront. Gaining trust, producing solutions, working hard is the key to our success.

•             Usluel Group's synergy and contribution to development

•             Having highly qualified engineers and technicians

•             Supporting our activities with our R & D activities

•             To give importance to documentation and standardization

•             Being keen on best product and service quality

•             Making continuous improvements at every stage of the business process

•             Considering the suggestions of employees and customers

•             Prioritize customer and employee satisfaction

•             Being open to new geographies and services

•             To give importance to and contribute to the personal development of employees

Uskom targets to present its clients the most advanced and relative level in technology and safeguarding its position as a top technology-exporter organization.

Murat Arslan

General Manager

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