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Uskom has acquired over years a multidiscipline know-how allowing Uskom to meet specific client requests with tailor-made solutions developed in house.


These solutions are not COT solutions and a development effort together with client is needed. Such tailor made solutions are not easily handled by individual system manufacturers or suppliers since the solution requires HW and SW expertise alongwith multidiscipline systems know-how and willingness for development effort.

With our partners' expertise merged with our engineering and contracting capabilities, Uskom serves in Turkey and neighbor countries government & utility networks and general contractors mainly with the following lines of application:

· Telecom Company Networks (Fixed and Wireless)
· Electric & Power Company Networks
· Oil & Oil Pipeline Company Networks
· Broadcast, Information & Security Networks
· Railways, Metro and Tram Networks
· Water & Water Pipeline Company Networks
· Internet Service Providers (ISP)

SCADA / EMS / DMS / OMS / DCS / ESD Systems

Telecom Networks for Electricity, Transport, Pipeline and Oil&Gas

System Solutions

Scada Systems
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