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SCADA Systems

Scada Systems

Elecricity Generation, Transmission and Distribution SCADA systems with EMS, DMS and OMS applications. The integration of 3rd party services such as GIS, CRM, CIS, Metering, etc. are as well engineered over an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB).  Applications for Smart Grid solutions are as well part of our portfolio. Our salable high-performance portfolio of solutions capacities range from few substations to large networks including Regional and National Load and Distribution Control Centers.

Transmission SCADA System (EMS)  Afghani

Feeder Automation Systems

Turnkey End-to-End Feeder Automation Systems starting from field sectionalizers, Directional Fault Indicators, controllers to substation level circuit breakers, reclosers and control center integration and algorithms for Fault Detection, Isolation and Restoration (FDIR)


SCADA/DCS/ESD and Field Data Acquisition

Turnkey solutions for oil and gas facilities such as refiniries, water injection plants, jetties and pipeline SCADA, Distributed Control Systems and Emergency Shutdown Systems. Solutions are available as integrated platforms or individual applications to facilities as per client and system requirements. The field data is gathered through RTUs and PLCs through serial protocol or hardwire connectivity with required intrinsic safety isolated barriers as required.

TEIAS Substation Automation SLD.jpg

Intrusion and Leak Detection

Intrusion and Leak Detection systems are mainly designed for pipelines. Solution is based on an optical cable laid along the pipeline and  sensors at stations operating with Time Domain Reflecometer principal. Both intrusion and leak detection operates on the same platform. In addition to fiber based solution, leak detection is as well achieved via leak detection application software installed in SCADA system utilizing field data received via RTU and/or PLCs.

USKOM Intrusion-Detection

Substation Automation and RTU Systems

Substation Automation Systems (SAS) are designed either with an RTU or without RTU completely based on a server based architecture. Both solutions are able to provide control center connectivity mainly  with IEC 60870-5-104, 101 or DNP3 protocols.  Both conventional and IED based substations are served. Our latest generation SAS are based on IED communication with IEC 61850 protocols. The systems are available either in single or full redundancy versions.

Substation Automation System (SAS) TEIAS
Substation Adaptation 

Substation Adaptation and Renovation is perfomed for inteconnecting of existing substations to a new SCADA system benefitting as well the substations to be modernized with new IED technologies. Complete survey of existing sites, design of the new architecture and implementation and recommissioning services are part of this work.

City  of Adana MV Distribution  Level Ov

Control and Protection Panels

Control and Protection Panels along with complete secondary system engineering and calculations for HV and MV substations. The panels are for control and protection of feeders, transformers, busbars, metering and are as well provided with BCU and meters alongwith protection relays.

Control and Protection System (Pul-E-Ala
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